When you reach the fortunate position that your mortgage has been repaid you will receive written confirmation from your Bank or Building Society.

They will usually send you the title deeds or ask where you would like the title deeds to be sent and they will also recommend that you arrange to have the mortgage (sometimes referred to as a Standard Security) formally discharged or removed from the title.  This is not something that the Bank or Building Society will do for you but it is the final stage in the mortgage process.

As your solicitors we will obtain the title deeds either from you or from the Bank or Building Society.  We draw up a document called a Discharge which we send to the Bank or Building Society for signing.  It is then submitted for registration at the Land Register of Scotland.  The purpose of this is to remove the Standard Security from the title of your property.  It is a fairly straightforward process which we would always recommend as it shows you have a clear title to your home.

If you have repaid your mortgage we would suggest that you contact us and we can do the rest.

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