Sometimes it can feel as if you are dealing with a faceless beaurocracy. Fortunately our specialists know the system.

At a time when difficult decisions are being made, we offer our full support whether it is of a legal or practical nature or simply moral support to our clients and their families.

We recognise that it can be extremely difficult for someone to accept help in dealing with their finances or health and welfare and also in making decisions regarding additional care either at home or in a residential setting.  All sorts of issues arise:  financial, practical and emotional.  It can be an extremely fraught time which is challenging not only for the client but also for his or her family and friends. This is where we can help.

At Campbell Smith, we know our way around the system and are used to dealing with the various agencies involved.   Our approach is calm and professional yet caring.   We always work with our clients and their families to ensure the best possible outcome.

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