It is not always possible for relationships to end amicably, and more often than not a dispute will develop at some stage of separation.

Whether that be financially motivated, or a result of conflicting interests over contact or residence of the children, it is always a difficult transition.

Our Services cover:

  • Parental Alienation
  • Contact/Residence Orders
  • Separation or Cohabitation agreements
  • Divorce


At Campbell Smith we can help resolve your family disputes through negotiating and mediation services. Sometimes, with the help of a solicitor, there are ways to resolve disputes without resorting to court action.

We are here to provide you with the support and trust that you need to move on with your lives, knowing that you have achieved a fair and harmonious outcome.


There are other circumstances were the breakdown of a relationship becomes hostile and violent. We can help to implement an interdict to protect you from any harassment from an ex-spouse or ex-partner.

An interdict is a court remedy that prohibits specific actions by an individual, or prevents that individual being in certain places. For example, you may want an interdict to stop someone from calling your house, or prevent your ex-partner from coming to your home, or your children’s school.

We can assist in obtaining such orders to protect you and your family from further harassment and abuse. Once an interdict is granted by the court, if it is broken, the penalties vary from a simple warning, a fine, or in more serious cases imprisonment.

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