We understand how difficult a time it can be when a loved one is no longer able to live independently and we do everything we can to ensure that the transition into a Care Home is as smooth and stress free as possible.

We help with completing Financial Assessment Forms and liaise with all professionals including Social Workers, GPs and Care Home Managers.

Sometimes circumstances are such that a decision is made for a client to move into a Nursing Home or Care Home.  We recognise that this can be an extremely difficult time not only for the client but also for his or her family and friends.

Our Client Welfare Manager and Private Client Solicitors have extensive experience in helping with all aspects of the process.  We offer a very practical, hands-on service –   from the start of the process when residential care is being considered through to the actual move and all the issues that entails, and thereafter providing ongoing support.

We have excellent connections with many Nursing Home Managers and are happy to accompany a client on visits so that an informed choice of Home can be made.

We provide guidance on all aspects of funding Residential Care.  We also complete Financial Assessments and liaise with the Local Authority as appropriate.

When a Care Home place is found, we can if required help the client in deciding which personal and household items they wish to take to the Home and thereafter arrange for the client’s house to be cleared.

Once a client is settled in a Residential Home, we are more than happy to provide support on an ongoing basis.  This can be anything from assisting a client with their finances to liaising with the Home to ensure that the client’s needs are being met.

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