We are often asked by our clients if they can make changes to the way their home or other property is owned.  There can be many different reasons for this.

Sometimes, someone will wish to gift a share of their property to their husband or wife or may wish to transfer the property to another family member or friend.  Every situation is different and we can discuss with you the pros and cons of a proposed transfer. There may a better or more efficient way of achieving the desired aim.

If there is a mortgage over the property then the agreement of your lender will almost certainly be required and this can be a stumbling block.  A formal application to the lender is likely to be needed and, again, we can assist.

Once the best course of action has been agreed we will draft the necessary title documents to transfer the property as you wish.   The new title would then be registered at the Land Register of Scotland.

In a family situation it is often possible for us to act for more than one person as long as we are satisfied that there is no conflict of interest between the family members.   If there is any conflict of interest between the parties we may need to recommend that one of the family obtains independent legal advice.

These transfers can be time sensitive, for tax or other reasons, and we are able to deal with matters of an urgent basis as required.

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